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Single gallons | 5 gallon pails 

Sikkens Srd is a translucent exterior satin finish for your deck. Highly rated by many contractors because ease of application and how it strips and spreads. Official Cetol Srd Sikkens Cetol RE Srd is a one-coat, translucent exterior wood finish created for use on a wide variety of surfaces. Low VOC stain for 13 states that don’t allow origional Cetol Srd stain. Sikkens cetol 1 Re is a translucent exterior wood finish that separates wood from the elements with durable surface barrier.

Cetol 23 Plus RE is a premium, translucent topcoat for Cetol 1 RE. Formally Cetol Filter 7 Cetol DEK Finish is a high performance, translucent satin finish for exterior wood decks. Film forming deck stain Sikkens Cetol Log and Siding. Highly rated for log homes by contractors.

Sikkens Cetol Maintenance is a premium clear exterior satin finish to be used over existing Sikkens Cetol 23 Plus or Sikkens Cetol Log & Siding… Sikkens Cetol Door and Window

  • Gloss
  • Satin

Sikkens Cetol stain is now Proluxe stain

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Proluxe SRD stain not only excels in simulated durability testing, but also earns praise from professionals who stain log homes. No transparent stain will ever last as long as a solid stain or paint.

  • Great for for all exterior wood
  • Log siding
  • Decks and railings
  • Furniture
  • Doors

Proluxe SRD Natural 078

This makes transparent stains the experts’ choice for horizontal surfaces like decks — which suffer harsher abuse from the sun and moisture than do vertical surfaces such as siding — and for rough surfaces such as cedar shakes.

Sikkens Door & Window

This wood stain has been formulated to protect exterior wood door and window frames as they expand and contract with fluctuations in temperature this wood stain is great for doors and window trim.

  • Colors available in quarts
  • Clear satin in gallons
  • High-Solids Alkyd-Oil Formula, Three-Coat Application
  • More Resilient Alternative to Exterior Varnishes and Polyurethanes
  • Powerful UV Absorbers Protect Color and Wood Substrate

PPG Proluxe Log and Siding stain

A high performance, translucent satin wood stain finish for vertical surfaces with exceptional color richness and clarity.  Sikkens Log & Siding wood stain formulation offers optimum protection and a premium look in just two coats.

  • High-Performance Translucent Satin Wood Stain Finish for Vertical Surfaces
  • Flexible, High-performance resin wood stain technology
  • High Clarity
  • Film-Building Formula
  • Two-coat wood stain application